Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mobile 'phone drowned

Forgot to mention - my mobile 'phone got completely drowned and has totally packed up ...

... if you're trying to contact me via that route, I will get messages (as I can still access them remotely) but may be a bit slower than normal in getting back to you.

Any hints on how to dry out a mobile greatly received??

... that said, can't say I'm missing its dulcet tones going off every 5 minutes :-))


Anonymous said...

Tip for drying up mobile phone.

Place under a warm hamster.

They do have their uses you know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant anonymous

Andrew said...


Tried it ... hamster pi**ed all over the 'phone.

Thanks a lot ;-((


Anonymous said...

It never did !!! Oops sorry.

Forgot that was one of the side effects of placing a damp mobile phone under a warm hamster and I don't think that Gordon the Stick Insect would be much good at drying your mobile phone.


What you need is a warm cat !

Andrew said...

the cat's more incontinent than the hamster :-(

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh. The blog made the news again. Don't worry about the nasty comments asking if you were expecting calls from developers. They are probably SNP or LibDem plants.

P.S. You weren't were you?

Andrew said...

... bloody hell, it really MUST be a quiet news day.

P.S. NO!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the question. Didn't really think that level of developers would call on a Sunday anyway but no harm in asking.

They seem to use stuff from blogs but never give a link to the blogs - the saying is Link Hogs - hated in the SEO industry.

Which journo do you think it was? I reckon Roden!