Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just what is the rationale?

Spent this evening going over the school closure report - the full document is available here.

I've already mentioned how I'm stunned by the scale of the proposed closures ... well, I have to say that having read the report (several times) in some detail now, I still find myself struggling to grasp the ultimate rationale behind it all?

Secondary schools in some of the most deprived areas of the city being closed - not exactly helping those who most need the Council's assistance? Primary schools in some of the more affluent areas of the city being closed - denying access to popular schools for many, many families? No indication exactly where, and when, any money saved is to be reinvested? No coherent, overall purpose or rationale being put forward at all?

These proposed changes will affect hundreds of families - and there seem to be dozens of unanswered questions ... it's just not good enough. Someone needs to get a grip of the whole process and start leading from the front.

Mind you, better still would be to simply go back to the drawing board and speak to people first.

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