Sunday, July 01, 2007

Quieter Sunday

Bit of a quieter Sunday - thank goodness - after the fairly frantic last week or two. Group of us undertook a very easy, low level walk in the Pentlands which tragically ended up at the Flotterstone Inn ;-(

In the group; eight adults with seven children ... with another child on the way to one of the couples. Having only one ourselves, feel like we're letting the side down ... but more seriously, I do worry just were it's all leading us and never cease to be amazed that 'population size' seems to be a completely taboo subject in the western developed world. I've yet to hear a really compelling argument as to why we need 'population growth' to succeed economically (and more importantly, socially) yet it seems to be simply accepted as a given?

Population turnover - age profile/mix etc. - I can accept as a fairly crucial component of success, but why small can't be successful I just don't know.


Anonymous said...

Come on Andrew - Two people between them having another two people is not population growth. Do your bit, try Viagra and help end population contraction.

Andrew said...


I'm afraid it is ... just work out the maths as the 'generations' go on and each generation lives longer. It's quite frightening statistically.


P.S. As far as Viagra goes - just too expensive on an Oppostion Councillor's wage I'm afraid :-((