Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunshine on Glasgow!

Well, delighted to report that the weather in Glasgow on Saturday was absolutely tropical ... seriously - and the theatre show was pretty entertaining. Nothing too challenging, it has to be said, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Managed to spend a bit of time at the recently refurbished Kelvingrove Museum - very impressive indeed. And despite being a devout atheist (pun intended!) I'm always really struck by Salvidor Dali's Christ on the Cross painting ... last time I saw it was several years ago at St. Mungos Museum of Religion, also in Glasgow.

Other highlight of the weekend had to be rediscovering just how good Byers Road is for local shops and great atmosphere, both night and day. Very enjoyable weekend all-round.


Tom Brechney said...

Point of information - Dali's painting is properly titled Christ of St John of The Cross. I agree Glasgow is very fortunate to house it!

Andrew said...


Apologies - you're absolutely right.