Thursday, June 07, 2007

Booze Culture

Now it won't come as a huge shock to my regular readers that I think, on balance, the current UK Government registers in the positive ... but I did think the announcement a couple of days ago about tackling "middle-aged, middle-class drinkers" was pushing it a bit ;-((

I know the story relates to England, but same debate applies right across the UK ... more so here in Scotland possibly?

The actual, full report - "Safe.Sensible.Social. Government alcohol strategy" (there's a PDF link within the BBC News story above) - is extremely laudable ... so it may just have been the way it was reported? I really struggle to see how home-drinking is the major problem here; I thought it was part of the solution in tackling the 'booze-culture' ... which I agree is pretty appalling in the UK.

As usual, The Daily Mash, had a side-splittingly funny take on the whole issue - here. A very astute assessment of the whole situation I thought, that I couldn't possibly comment any further on ...

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