Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's Harriet Harman for me ...

I'm Supporting Harriet Harman for Deputy Leader

Finally decided ... after a little bit of prevarication (not like me I know!), I'll be casting my personal vote for Harriet Harman to become Labour Deputy Leader.

Don't agree with 'everything' that any one of the six candidates believes in (would be pretty strange if I did) but after much deliberation, and debate with friends and colleagues, I simply think she presents the best array of talents and beliefs to ensure Labour remains in as strong a position as possible ... thus enabling it to positively influence people's life chances.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I've found out some of the things you are not in agreement with Ms. Harman

Very strongly for introducing ID cards.
Very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
Strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
Strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Very strongly for the Iraq war.
Very strongly against investigating the Iraq war.
Very strongly for replacing Trident.
Very strongly for the fox hunting ban.
However, only Moderately for equal gay rights.

Of course the Minister is more able than most to send her children to public school and she does no matter what her colleague the Minister of Education says about state education. Maybe she just has more inside info than us minnions.

Being the MP for Peckham, she makes her most famous constituent, Delboy Trotter, look like a saint.

Surprisingly from a Guardian article yesterday: "Harriet Harman is the "most trustworthy" candidate in the race for Labour's deputy leadership, according to a poll."

Maybe the poll was conducted in the Labour Party's own treasury department where isn't her husband is the heid, high, bummer - do you think he had some say in which of the donors actually got the nice leather seat in the House of Lords because as treasurer, he certainly knew the cheques were flying in, quite possibly with heraldic requests attached.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could have a word with the John Cruddas camp as they keep sending me emails (depsite me asking them to stop).

I doubt he`ll be getting my vote...given as I`m an SNP member and all.

Anonymous said...


You could always haved spammed Cruddas' blog. But he's got Spam Karma installed.

Anyway, he obviously hasn't got time to write his own blog. It must be below potential deputy leaders to do this. Wonder if he has a free researcher just chattering out the stuff.

How's life in KennIe's sCottish nOlan pArty office - heard it was your new digs?

Andrew said...

Dave ... think yourself lucky - imagine the volume I'm getting from all 6 candidates ;-(