Friday, June 22, 2007

Food day!

Now, regular readers will know that I do have one serious weakness - food.

Actually, as I type this, I can already see the comments flooding in listing many others ... but, nevertheless, my inclination to consume huge quantities of food at every opportunity is certainly not something I could deny ;-)

And today, I've had a very food-orientated 24-hours - all prompted by saying some good-byes to various work and campaigning colleagues. They're leaving ... not me, I hasten to add before the rumour mill starts!

Lunch time saw one of Edinburgh's Howies Restaurants being the frequented venue - very pleasant indeed - and this evening a Thai restaurant I hadn't been to before; Muang Thai - very enjoyable food.

I may yet get back to my pre-election weight at this rate? And the company wasn't bad for both events either ;-))

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