Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lots of spare time??

So, a few weeks into the new regime, two Full Council meetings down with around 40 more to go in my new state of "opposition" ;-((

Having thought that things (not that I wished to be in this position I must make clear!) might quieten down being on the backbenches, it does seem the reverse has happened. The new multi-member Wards are one reason why ... much bigger obviously and whole swathes of new territory, different local issues, Community Councils and residents groups to get to grips with.

Add to that; the time 'released' from endless Departmental and Management meetings (as an Executive Member) is quickly being soaked up by endless political meetings about how to deal with not being in endless Departmental and Management meetings ;-) Oh joy.

Actually, I have to admit to quite enjoying it ... rather not be here obviously ... but in addition to the points above I do really feel like I've seen more of my wife and son in the last 4 weeks than I did in the last 4 years.

On a personal level (if not political level!) not all bad then.

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