Monday, May 07, 2007

Hamster missing!

After the seriousness of the last few weeks; a bit of light-hearted chaos broke out in the flat tonight as the damned hamster escaped from its cage - don't ask how?

Eventually (after much searching) found it behind one of the beds, in the initial stages of digesting the outer mattress and entering said-mattress, probably never to be seen again ;-(

Now safely returned to its cage, I swear it has a look of smug satisfaction on its face, having managed to escape its usual confines ... no Nationalist political analogies intended ;-))


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Anonymous said...,-says-blair-in-letter-to-scots-children-20070502109/

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Andrew said...


Knew of The Daily Mash (very, very funny) ... but not the 'Hamster for President' site. I will begin negotiations with my own newly re-captured rodent to see if she wants to run?