Monday, February 12, 2007

Praise Indeed

Now, forget the fact that I've made it to the exalted heights of actually being 'listed' on Bloggers4Labour ... something even more extraordinary has very recently happened!

The venerated "Shandon Mince" - "Shandon's most visited website" (no less!) - has recently commented that my blog is "not a bad effort at all". Now this is praise indeed ... as any blogger worth his/her salt will know ... where 'The Mince' leads, others follow.

All those worthy folk may have won Baftas last night, but it's all as nothing because ...
"Shandon's most visited website" thinks my blog is "not a bad effort at all" ;-))
... it can only be downhill from here!


Ed said...

A comment is a great thing.
I'll think of one while you think of your next blog entry! (20 Feb??? - that's over a month - whot you been up to ? Delivering leaflets?)

Andrew said...


Leaflets, letters, hustings, stalls ... don't you just love elections ;-))

Belive it or not I have saved a 'draft' (nearly typed 'daft' there) entry for most days and all will be updated soon - promise!