Sunday, February 11, 2007

London for the weekend

Down in London for the weekend ... rest of the family staying down for most of next week (due to Edinburgh half-term) but unfortunately I need to return to work on Monday ;-((

Saturday spent at Electoral Reform Society (ERS) Campaigns Committee meeting ... upcoming events in Scotland a bit of an obvious focus, but we did also spend an inordinate amount of time discussing the launch of a UK-wide campaign for the post-May 2007 period. Had the usual, "we've achieved nothing recently" doom-laden debate, which neatly forgets that from 1884-1997 ERS did indeed achieve very little that it set out to; but that since then the UK has revolutionised its electoral systems at just about every level of government except Westminster. I, for one, expect even that to happen soon enough, and certainly quicker than the 113-year period of stalemate that we wallowed in prior to 1997.

All scintillating stuff; I can assure you ;-)

Sunday; and most of the afternoon idled-away very happily in Dulwich Park, South London. Great fun had by all playing an assortment of football, cricket and basketball - also tried the 'recumbent' bikes you can hire within the park!

Back up to Edinburgh on the 5pm train ... which arrived bang on time. Amazing.

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