Monday, January 08, 2007

Learning Hubs charity

Attended a meeting earlier today about finally establishing a 'Learning Hubs' charity ... have mentioned this briefly a couple of times before on the blog ... see here and here ... and now does seem likely that the relevant report, authorising the setting up of the charity, will go to the Council Executive (cabinet) on 23rd January.

I do think this all has huge potential for local school (and wider) communities - but I'm not a technical expert (as you can probably tell from this blog!) so do have a look at the local Learning Hubs website and associated wiki; both of which give you the background and some of the surrounding debate on these potential changes/developments to traditional educational methods.

As mentioned before, I really think that if this is going to run in Edinburgh then a pilot (of some description) is now what's needed - it's the only way that any benefits/dis-benefits can be flagged up for real. Watch this space ...

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