Monday, December 11, 2006

Lismore Primary School Board this morning

I've been invited to a Lismore Primary School Board meeting later this morning ... suspect it may be a lively meeting, with some bridges to be built for sure! And it did turn out to be a much wider meeting than just the School Board - even Gavin Strang MP was there and actually chaired the gathering?

Did my utmost to reassure everyone that I wanted to see a successful future for the school - was undoubtedly an air of scepticism, but entirely understandable given the recent history of events surrounding the school. Tried to press home the message that as well as the Local Authority supporting and promoting the local school, the more important support and promotion would always come from the local community itself ... and to achieve that, everyone needs to move on from yesterdays' issues.

Not sure I fully succeeded in getting the message across??

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