Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back to normality ;-((

Back from a few days away this morning. Whole family had a great time up North in Glen Orchy - and even the weather was pretty kind to us ;-))

The cottage we stayed in (used it last year for the first time) was really first-class, and has a really relaxing atmosphere - as well as a great open fire!

Lots of walking around the local area, and even managed to fit in quite a bit of fishing - nothing caught I'm afraid - but thoroughly enjoyable. Early evening seemed to be the regular slot for the 'rod and reel' and caught sight of several deer crossing the River Orchy on a few of these ocassions - moving down from the forests to open space for the night I presume?

Anyhow, back to normality this afternoon and Edinburgh (small as it is) seems very crowded having spent a week in a valley with a single-number of houses!

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