Friday, May 20, 2011

Leadership required?

I mentioned the tram project just a couple of days ago - but yesterday events appear to have taken yet another downward spiral with the Departure of TIE's Chief Executive ... reported extensively here and here.

I'm a supporter of trams returning to Edinburgh - as regular readers will know (and if you're so inclined, just type 'tram' into the top-left blogger search box and you'll see literally dozens of posts where I've discussed the project over recent years) - but revelations of the last few months would test the forbearance of the project's most ardent supporter :-(

If you've tried the 'search' I suggest above, you'll be able to read my thoughts on what's gone wrong - and, ultimately, I would personally welcome any further investigation/s into the project in due course, as I've made perfectly clear before ...

... but surely the priority, for now, has to be to ensure something of this project is delivered within the existing funding envelope?

Edinburgh (and perhaps even Scotland) will undoubtedly suffer considerable opprobrium otherwise - and I sense that even Members of the new Scottish Government know that to be the case and understand the damage that could be caused.

Leadership - from somewhere - would indeed be welcome.

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