Friday, May 20, 2011

25-years of friendships

Regular readers will remember (?) that despite encroaching middle-age, a large group of our family and friends do still manage a bit of a get-together every year which usually involves tents and a camping-stove ...

... well, this weekend (being a local Holiday Weekend!) we're off to Malham, in Yorkshire and no tents will be in use :-)

We're putting up residence in a local Bunk-Barn for a few days - the elevation from canvass to an actual roof, marking the fact that this will be the 25th year of these annual get-togethers!

Yes, my better-half and I - and many of the +30 folk coming along this weekend - all first met in the Spring of 1986, in Chile, as part of an Operation Raleigh expedition ... so, as you can imagine, we're all really looking forward to the weekend and celebrating some very, long-standing friendships :-)

Bottles of the Chilean national-drink are packed and ready for imminent consumption ... blogging will thus certainly be non-existent for a few days :-))


Anonymous said...

no holiday weekend for council staff i'm afraid - thought councillors were falling into line with this

Andrew said...


Fair enough point.

I've taken a personal day off on Monday.

I'd hope that most that know me, would agree I don't shirk hard work and/or long working-hours ...

... anyhow, thanks for checking the blog.