Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brown Bin mystery?

More internal briefings doing the rounds today - you guessed it; all about bins :-(

You can find the latest epistle here ...

... I'll take at face-value the assertions about the number of complaints etc. although it just doesn't accord with many residents who speak to me about endlessly calling the contact centre and asking for an uplift and getting absolutely nowhere. They invariably only get an uplift once a Councillor complains and/or the local press get involved :-((

Anyhow, that aside, thought I'd try and find out - as instructed in that Briefing - about the next Brown Bin collection date for my own street (the tenemental part of Cowan Road), so:

I seriously doubt if Cowan Road is the only street in Edinburgh where it appears impossible to find out proper collection schedules on-line?

This is pretty basic stuff - it really is - and someone, somewhere needs to get a grip.

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