Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bins (again)

Sorry to hark back to the bins ... but many, many residents remain deeply unhappy at recent service levels!

... and it's compounded, from my perspective, when we (as Elected Members) receive an electronic briefing today which categorically states:

• The festive season collection schedules are in operation and all households should have received at least one collection over the Christmas and New Year period.
• As part of these arrangements, which were notified to residents before Christmas, households due to receive an uplift on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will be collected on those days next week. The normal schedule of uplifts for today (Thursday) and tomorrow will proceed as planned.
• Brown garden waste bins can continue to be used for excess domestic waste and will be collected along with green wheelie bins up until Friday 21 January.
• All other bin collection services will run as normal.

Well - that is just not true.

In my very own street the communal bins, which should have been collected today (Thursday) were not collected and rubbish is once again overflowing onto the street. Not to mention the numerous Xmas Trees now littering the road as well :-(

Why put such a briefing out when it's patently NOT CORRECT.

And I'm 100% certain that more streets than mine were not collected today when they should have been :-((

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