Monday, December 20, 2010

Rubbish, rubbish collection

Despite the return of the snow, my mail box is now dominated not by road and pavement conditions (although they do still feature strongly!) but by an ever-increasing annoyance at the complete lack of rubbish collection in many residential streets ...

... including in Cowan Road, I should hasten to add :-(

And what's really got people's backs up is that ridiculous statement from a couple of weeks ago saying that all services were due to run again on Monday 13th December!

Well - for the whole of last week I saw not one collection of rubbish in my own street, and I know all too well from my mail box that it has been the same picture for thousands of residents right across Ward 9.

With Christmas Day looming - and all that means in terms of packaging etc. I really do think that some serious attention should be paid to making sure that every residential bin is emptied before the end of this Friday.

If that doesn't happen, parts of Edinburgh are going to be in a terrible state throughout the holiday period ...

... not to mention just how annoying it is for local tax-payers when their Council can't even collect the bins :-((


Unknown said...

Well the bin men came, they looked, they left...........!!!! We have the large communal bin sheds and a lot of neighbours came out to help lift some of the bags that were lying on the floors due to the large bins being full to brim! Did it satisfy the bin men - erm nope - they were swearing (my daughter was there - s...o we left when that started), saying it is not their job to lift bin bags, no access to get to bin cupboards, we should not being doing this - lets go and they did (blankstare)!!!! So our floors in bin cupboards may be empty but the communal bins are still bursting to the brim and they did not try other bin cupboards :(

Andrew said...


Sorry to hear that - no collection so far in my street either :-(