Monday, October 11, 2010

Audit Committee

Reconvened meeting of the Audit Committee this morning - posted about the first meeting a couple of weeks ago here ...

... on balance, I thought the Committee did come up with some constructive recommendations today (I'll post up the full, agreed wording as soon as I have it) - and I was pleased that there was finally all-Party support to at least properly consider a serious review of the Council's scrutiny processes. I sincerely hope that some constructive changes now come out of that.

I do worry though that the general focus on 'process' by the Audit Committee - as regards the Care and Support Services tender - will have left some of those affected disappointed ...

... I think this simply has to be acknowledged, and that the eventual consultation on the 'Commissioning Strategy' for the Council (now going to the 2nd November Policy and Strategy Committee I believe?) is the vehicle for ensuring that some positive recognition is finally given to the human-hurt caused by this tender exercise.

The best outcome could surely be a 'Commissioning Strategy' that ensures this type of fiasco could never happen again?

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