Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full Council week and budget looming

Full Council meeting this coming Thursday - main agenda is here, and the individual papers can be found on CPOL here.

I'll regret saying this, but doesn't look like anything hugely controversial in the 'New Business' section of the agenda so it could be quite a prompt meeting?

Nothing further in the Leaders Report, this month, about the upcoming budget-process ... I welcomed the hint in June's report (see section 2 on page 2 here) that this could all be about to change and hope that we may get a further verbal update on progress ...

... stating the obvious, this upcoming budget is not going to be easy and the more all the political parties can be involved, as well as - crucially - the public, the more chance of some consensus on the big decisions which are undoubtedly going to have to be made.

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