Monday, March 22, 2010

A record to be proud of?

Another new hotel for Edinburgh, according to today's local paper - you can see it all here ..

... mind you, when you read it you realise the story is just what's been fed by certain local politicians and there's nothing really concrete (sorry!) behind it.

Reminded me of one light-hearted (though serious) moment at the recent March Council Meeting when one of the SNP Councillors was quite unbelievably questioning the record of previous Labour-run Administrations; yet when challenged to list the capital programmes that her own SNP/Lib-Dem Administration had been responsible for in her right-of-reply, she failed to name a single one ...

... this was despite obvious, frantic activity on the SNP benches as everyone tried to think of something they had actually been responsible for building - I heard the Skatepark mentioned but sadly its not quite finished yet - and said right-of-reply just ignored the challenge.

What the Nationalists didn't hear was one of my colleagues trying to tell them they had actually been responsible for building something - Colinton Toilets - but tragically, they didn't hear him over the noise of certain Labour Councillors who quite clearly didn't believe one block of toilets, after three years, was a record to be proud of ;-)

Seven-star luxury hotel? - well, I'll believe that when I see it.

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