Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shame on you!

I am completely and totally appalled at Councillor Phil Wheeler's comment, as reported in today's Evening News, in relation to the ongoing Care and Support Services tender fiasco:

"It is a matter of great concern that the council leader, myself and other members of the administration were kept in the dark about the mistakes."

I've nothing against Phil as an individual, but this type of buck-passing is completely beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned.

I've had to politically-front some rather difficult transport projects in my time, several of which came under the most intense public scrutiny - yet if anyone can find a comment from me where I publicly criticised officers during that time I'll write a cheque for £1,000 to the charity of that person's choice?

Now - my money is safe ... because you just shouldn't do it; and I never did --- in circumstances that were often a lot more politically charged than the Care and Support Services tender.

Apart from anything else - Phil Wheeler, Jenny Dawe and Paul 'everything is fine' Edie should have bloody well known what was going on ... every one of the 29 Opposition Councillors knew and we shouted load and clear about it as far back as October 2009!

Indeed, my colleagues Lesley Hinds and Ewan Aitken have been shouting about it for a lot longer!

Pig-headed political stubbornness has blinded the Lib-Dem/SNP Administration from listening to us. And now we've been proven correct they're lashing out and blaming officers.

Shame on you Phil. Shame on you all.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Andrew said...

Thanks for comment, and for checking out the blog!