Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretty poor service

Whilst the weather may be on the turn ... sad to say I took some calls today from a street in my Ward which still hasn't had a refuse-collection since the 18th December 2009!

Pretty poor service ... to say the least!


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew

Yesterday was our day for collection (refuse had been mounting up since December and bin cupboards were full to brim) - was very excited to see the lorry come along street emptying bin cupboards only then to see it turn around and go away :(

Went down and checked our bin cupboard with the hope that a miracle may have happened but nope!

However, later on in the afternoon another refuse lorry came back (did not look like council) and our bins were finally emptied! woo hoo at last!!

Andrew said...


Belated thanks for the comment - glad to hear the bins were finally emptied!