Monday, November 30, 2009

Damp squib?

I've now read through (sad I know) the Scottish Government's White Paper - "Your Scotland, Your Voice" that was launched earlier this morning ...

... personally, I do think that unless there is a huge improvement in clarity about what is actually being proposed between now and the publication of the promised 'referendum bill', then this whole process will indeed be consigned to the proverbial dustbin by Holyrood.

As things stand today - it is simply not clear to me: exactly how many options will be on any ballot paper; what those options will actually consist of as regards specific powers; and indeed how any eventual multi-option referendum votes would be counted --- all fairly fundamental stuff that is simply missing?

Damp squib is the polite summary, the SNP have - unfortunately for them - made the 'White Paper: White Elephant' jibe most likely to stick.


Anonymous said...

Typical response form typical Labour once again.

How about having a simple yes or no for the people of Scotland? At least the SNP are finally giving us an option on what we want. I know many people, both for and against.

It sure wouldn't happen under Labour.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

Don't know who you are (obviously) but it's clear you don't know me either --- it's a real insult to call me "typical Labour" ;-)

I'm certainly NOT against those who make the intellectual argument for Independence - indeed I respect that case - but this White Paper does not do that, and (as you must know?) many senior Nationalists agree with that analysis.

This whole process is shaping up to be a bureaucratic cul-de-sac, and as I've said in several earlier posts, I think it will damage the SNP politically.