Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Street (un)cleanliness

Having spent a considerable amount of time pounding the streets of Forth Ward recently, I'm not at all surprised to see the detail within this report - which is going to the Transport Committee next Tuesday.

... it does appear that the "Cleanliness Index Monitoring System (CIMS)" is reporting an acceptable outcome - see paragraph 2.1 within the report - but read paragraph 3.1 and you realise CIMS is only based on a "50 metre transect in 10% of the city’s streets" ...

... fast forward to paragraph 4.7 (and check out Appendix 3) and you'll see the overall reality that 7 out of the 17 Wards in Edinburgh - that's over 40% of the city - have a cleanliness level which is below an acceptable standard.

This - sadly - will surprise no one in the Forth Ward.


Anonymous said...

And the council actually pays someone with a measuring tape and clipboard and pen to go round assess how clean the streets are.
The person then goes back to the office and writes a report for councillors. The report is then photocopied and distributed. The councillors then glance at them and file them in the bucket creating more rubbish. The money for all this reporting process would be better spent employing enough people to remove ALL the rubbish in the first place.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - do you know, I agree with you.