Thursday, July 17, 2008


One week to go until the Glasgow East by-election ... I have to admit that I'm fascinated by the absolute fever-pitch it all seems to have generated within the political corners of the Scottish blogosphere :-(

... I reckon it must be the first such by-election event that has had such an intensity of 'blogging-activity' - just too many links to put up.

... I certainly can't remember such a furious level of posting (and such posting fury!) for the 2006 'Dunfermline and West Fife' by-election??

Anyhow, back over to Glasgow this coming Sunday myself - so more thoughts will follow thereafter no doubt ...


Anonymous said...

Thought it was amazing that your candidate said on Newsnight last night that David Marshall was "value for money"! given the expenses fiasco.

I think any sensible voter would wonder whether she was in a run for a taxpayer heist.

Coupled with the fake war hero, yesterdays photo call at the health centre which the SNP had to save because Labour never gave any cash and of course, the classic, "I have lived in the East End all of my life."

Even if I were a die-hard Labour supporter and contributor, I am afraid I would be voting Conservative on this occasion and my cash would be staying firmly put in my bank account. I would have to go to a hamlet in the Dutch province of North Brabant to find more solid lies.

Andrew said...

See! ... even blog comments are at "fever-pitch" :-(

Anonymous said...

You are once again right. Check out the comments here and here.

According to here at least the weather may be on your side for Sunday but beware of fake war heroes and flip flopping actors roaming around.