Friday, July 25, 2008

Congratulations due to John Mason

Result now in - I'll put a link up here in a few minutes, once I've listened to the speeches :-(

And, first things first, congratulations are due to John Mason and the SNP campaign team ...

... I also think, and hope the SNP would concur this morning, that Margaret Curran should be applauded for putting up a sterling effort in fighting this seat in what cannot exactly be described as auspicious circumstances for the Labour Party.

I know that local debate has been heated at times over the last three weeks (more on that 'much' later today), but I don't think its been truly comparable (by any stretch of the imagination) to previous classic, Scottish by-election 'battles' ... and that has to be to the general credit of all the candidates.

Secondly, I wouldn't expect any immediate, or dramatic response, to what's happened this morning from the UK Government ... I wouldn't want to diminish the significance of what's occurred - but it has been a by-election and not a General Election.

Thirdly, there's just no denying this is a very bad result for Labour as a political Party.

Not good at all.


Anonymous said...

Well thats me lost my bet. She'll be checking out the website in the morning and be warned to keep within budget - unlike the latest govt borrowing.

Not sure if I agree with you about Ms. Curran and previous comments have my reasons.

Well done to the Tory and LibDem candidates especially the nice lady who seemed to go from strength to strength running round Glasgow with her newly adopted granny from Scottish Parliament.

Can you believe that Solidarity got over 500 votes?

I agree with you on the UK govt stance. They are all away spending the expenses and have lots of time to decide that it was only a bad dream before the first sitting at Westminster.

The campaign has reinforced my feelings on politicians though.

Anonymous said...

Goodnyte. Been Fun.

Andrew said...

... thanks to all for logging in last night (earlier this morning!) - number of hits way bigger than that SNP majority ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe live blogging through the full council meetings is next on the agenda. Save Alan Roden running up that hill - he could sit over in the Holyrood Hotel's bar on expenses.

Have used the software incredibly well over the last few months.

Just realised what I posted earlier. Should have read "Definitely don't agree with you about Ms. 'Southside' Curran.