Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just for the avoidance of doubt ...

I see the Evening News are in full 'predictive-mode' today ... guess its to be expected.

But just for the avoidance of any doubt - I have no intention of making any rushed decision on this issue. Ewan standing down has indeed come as a surprise and it was not in-the-least expected.

And although that deed is now done, no contest (of any description) will be 'on' until a timetable is agreed and that is unlikely to happen anytime this side of next week.

And, as regular readers of this blog will know, despite being a full-time local politician, I do have a varied and diverse life outside of the political arena. And I do thus have every intention of taking a bit of time talking to family, friends and colleagues before reaching any final conclusion on what would be a big decision for me personally.

... and apart from anything else - remember that Stag Weekend - well, the bloody wedding is coming up over the next few days so I have other 'really' important things on my mind ;-)


Jeff said...

As a regular reader of your blog and an SNP supporter, I am in the unfortunate position of thinking you would do a terrific job.

Good luck if you go for it...

Andrew said...


That's extremely gracious of you to say so - thank you.


P.S. any chance of you convincing the 12 SNP Councillors in the City Chambers to be so praiseworthy? ;-))

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to a senior SNP councillor last week and he only had good things to say about you. Honest! Maybe only 11 to go.

Well said Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Yup you`ll only hear positive things from SNP supporters...although we will be giving our full backing to a certain former Lord Provost (in fact, either of them!)