Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in Edinburgh

Wedding-mania finally over; bank-balance a lot lower; but a great time was had by all ;-)

Not sure I mentioned it before, but as well as the various 'family and friends' events over the weekend (which were indoors) the actual wedding itself was outdoors in my brother's garden on the Monday afternoon - it was a huge risk, given the number of people invited (and the significant lack of a large Marquee!) but here's the photographic evidence that the sun shone on the newly-weds :-))

Isn't that pink bow-tie a winner :-(

And I think the best-man speech went okay - decided to keep it 'relatively' family-friendly and people did speak to me afterwards ... so couldn't have been too bad??

... back to work today - and just glad its pay-day at the end of next week!

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