Monday, May 26, 2008

Stop at the red light :-((

Just as you thought things couldn't get any more farcical in the City Chambers ...

... internal rumour (and remember, that's usually as good as true!) is suggesting that at the Full Council Meeting this Thursday we're all going to have the length of our speeches controlled by some form of "traffic-light" system :-(

Now, standing orders do have 'guidelines' on the maximum length for contributions, but in the +9 years I've been on the Council I've never witnessed any serious attempt at curtailing Elected members' contributions to debates. Polite cajoling from various Lord Provosts; yes ... but enforcing rigid time-limits; never.

It has to be admitted, that I may on occasion be personally guilty of transgressing the 'guidelines' when it comes to my speeches - but really, a system of "traffic-lights" to enforce adherence to time-limits ...

... and you can just imagine the outrage that would have erupted from the Liberal-Democrats, in particular, if we had tried such a stunt when in power?

Why; anyone would think the current people in charge just don't like what they hear in the Council Chamber?

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