Monday, May 12, 2008

Clutch-cable saga

Spent most of this morning attending to a broken clutch-cable :-(

- thankfully, we took the train to Sheffield, but on Sunday evening took a quick trip to the allotment (by car!) to do some watering, and on the approach up Chesser Loan, the clutch-cable evidently snapped leaving us completely stranded :-((

Even more frustratingly, was the fact that the whole trip appears to have been unnecessary as we were told by one gleeful allotment-holder that very heavy thunderstorms emptied out of the Edinburgh skies on Saturday night ... there was certainly no rain in sunny Sheffield ;-)

Oh well ... car should be ready for collection tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Humon think many things but God do other things.

Andrew said...

Maybe so?? ... but God didn't save my clutch-cable did she :-((