Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another very long Council meeting

Another very, very long Council meeting today (8.30pm finish) - would have been several hours (literally) shorter if the Administration had organised its business better ... and I don't mean by the ludicrous use (or not!) of traffic-lights :-((

From my point of view, the most significant debate of the day was on Wave 3 schools - during which the Libs/Nats moved a completely pointless Amendment to the Motion that was on the Order Paper in my name (see item 11.6 on the Agenda - here).

No one explained in the ensuing debate exactly why even considering the use of Local School Building Trusts was not acceptable? ... which means only one thing - it wasn't acceptable because it was suggested by a Labour politician.

Truly pathetic.

And the drivel we had to endure about the evils of previous school building programmes and the supposed wonders of the Scottish Futures Trust was equally - if not more - pathetic.

As I outlined in the debate, here's a list of the schools built (or being built) since 2002 - all initiated by Council Administrations I was part of:

New Build Schools - completed

Braidburn Special School
Rowanfield Special School
Oaklands Special School
Gorgie Mills SEBD School
Woodlands Special School
Oxgangs Primary School
St Peter’s Primary School
Forthview Primary School
Castleview Primary School
Craigour Park Primary School
Craigroyston Primary School
Broomhouse Primary School
St Joseph’s RC Primary School
Pirniehall Primary School
St David’s RC Primary School
Gracemount High School
Craigmount High School
St Thomas of Aquins High School

Refurbished Schools - completed

The Royal High School
Firrhill High School
Drummond Community High School

New Build Schools - ongoing

Bonaly Primary School
Juniper Green Primary School
Niddrie Mill Primary School
St Francis Primary School
Broughton High School
Forrester High School
Holy Rood High School
St. Augustine's High School
Tynecastle High School
Craigroyston Community High School

Refurbished Schools - ongoing

Canal View Primary School
Pentland Primary School
Curries Primary School

Just in case you haven't got that total number - it's 34 SCHOOLS.

How many so far for the new Council? (or Scottish Govt.) - ZERO.

It is a truly shocking failure.

P.S. and as I've said before, I am willing to take bets that not ONE SINGLE new school contract will be initiated, and then that school built and actually opened all within this term (May 2007-May 2011) of the current Scottish Government, or the current Edinburgh Council (May 2007-May 2012).


Elizabeth Maginnis said...

and you missed out Royston PS refurbishment and Royston/Wardieburn community centre which but for an officer glitch would have proceeded in 2007-08 so does that make it 36?

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

It's a good point - there are probably "more" Community Centres as well (such as Nelson Hall we were in on Friday, which Ewan re-opened); so the final total could be more than 40 ;-)

... I'll add in all the relevant CC's to the list next week!


Anonymous said...

Other than one in Leith built through good old fashioned public procurement methods and financing how many of the schools Labour built have actually been paid for?

I'll take your bet - see you in the 2011 elections

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

Almost all the schools mentioned are in the process of being paid for ... borrowing is borrowing, whether public or private; ask the authors of the SFT because they are now beginning to realise that.

I'll happily take any bet from you on this, but I'll need your name first ;-)


P.S. not one school has been INITIATED since May 2007 - and there are only 35-months to go, so I'd think carefully before you agree to any wager with me?