Sunday, April 06, 2008

First vegetable planting!

First vegetable planting down at the allotment today, despite the snow!

... red onions; 6 rows of 7; so there will undoubtedly be plenty of onion-soup to consume later this year :-)

... only 2-beds left to 'border' and all the major preparation-works will be finished and much more planting will commence :-))


Anonymous said...

Wow - Wow - Wow Very impressed, and in the snow as well.

All us gardeners will have to keep on our toes!

Keep up the good work Andrew and Family, I'm sure everyone had a hand in the work.

The Connected One

Andrew said...


You're quite right - I should give credit were its due; both other members of the family have probably done as much (if not more!) work than me on the site so far :-)