Friday, March 28, 2008

Local democracy - not here thanks

I mentioned just a couple of days ago how the SNP/Lib coalition just ignores Council decisions and has a cavalier approach to change ... well, yet more proof of that yesterday :-(
  • have a look at the Evening News coverage of the Education Secretary's response to the imminent submission of feasibility studies on the Wave 3 schools - here
  • those studies are now submitted as of yesterday - see here
  • now have a look at a post I did in October 2007 - here - which recounts an all-Party agreed Council motion
  • DO READ that motion - almost the totality of it has been completely ignored ... NOTHING has been reported to any Council Committee about the feasibility studies whatsoever, despite the terms of the agreed instruction to the Council

It is a disgrace.

Now maybe the Nats and Libs don't give two-hoots about local democracy and are happy to completely ignore Council decisions, but surely senior officers should at least pay some attention to what the Council instructs them to do??

It is all pretty ironic coming from a bunch of Liberal politicians (in particular) who used to endlessly berate us (when we were in Administration) about how our consultation procedures were 'shallow'.

Would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

And it is serious, not just the complete avoidance of any accountability towards Council decisions/instructions, but more depressingly the Education Secretary's comments do seem to indicate that Wave 3 schools are going nowhere fast.

I would love to be wrong.

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