Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A cavalier-approach to change

The Children and Families Organisational Review consultation period closed yesterday - remember; that's the Review were the ruling Council Coalition have budgeted for £2million worth of savings before the start of any consultation/implementation ... so much for the promise of "real opportunity to participate in decision-making".

Worse than that, as I've mentioned before, the whole process quite clearly breaks the decision of an earlier meeting of the Education Committee back in October 2007 - further details here.

Its no way to take people with you - and re-organising the largest Department of the Council does need some buy-in! Its not so much the 'what' as the 'how'.

As is so often the case now, its the cavalier-approach that many of these issues are being dealt with that is annoying people - it will surely all come back to haunt those currently in charge?

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