Thursday, August 09, 2007

Floored by the big clunking fist?

There's no denying that the last few posts have been a bit depressing about the state of local politics in Edinburgh ... those that know me, will testify that this is a little out of character as I'm generally the eternal optimist - honestly!

So, just to cheer up any Labourites out there ... if you haven't read it already, please, please do have a look at Michael Brown's article in today's Independent :-))

Personally, I think the Full Council meeting timetabled for Thursday 25th October 2007 may yet have to be cancelled ... unless anyone can convince me that politically, at a National UK-level, things will 'certainly get better' over the forthcoming months??


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is beset by these probems because this is fate's way of getting him back for winning the NSNMA2007 when someone else did all the work.

If Michael Brown is correct, perhaps you would consider running against him again, this time for the leader of the Tories!

Who knows, you could win - after all the rumour is that New Labour stole all the Conservative policies anyway.... :-)

Andrew said...

... come on John, I'm not desperate enough to want to lead the Tories :-)

Anonymous said...

Who would you say in your party, was?

Andrew said...

... now that would be telling :-)