Friday, June 01, 2007

Trams - to be or not to be?

Trams - should they go ahead or shouldn't they?

I do think they should ... "well, you would say that wouldn't you" I hear you scream!

Well, as dispassionately as possible, I'll try and explain (as briefly as I can) why I think they should:

  • both tram bills spent 2-years (yes, 2- years!) before the Scottish Parliament and relevant Committees in the last Parliamentary term (see here and here).

  • I do really think it's thus facile to argue that the "case for trams" hasn't been properly explained or scrutinised.

  • I fully accept that a new National Government will want to be sure of costs before pressing ahead and don't disagree with a quick re-appraisal of the proposals.

  • but is there really a need to 'completely re-open' the whole detailed debate, unless you simply want to change the decisions already taken?

And with less than one-third of the popular vote, I just don't think there is a mandate for anyone to - in effect - completely repeal previous legislation without any resort to the legislative process.


Anonymous said...

Read the real FACTS about trams here:

Andrew said...


Thanks - I had come across this site ... lets hope that the new Government respects any vote on Wednesday!