Friday, June 29, 2007

London, flying and cycling ...

Off to London this evening, for the AGM of the Electoral Reform Society tomorrow.

I'm dutifully using the sleeper as part of my ongoing quest not to fly at all in 2007 - so far, so good ... but I have an even bigger challenge coming up from next week :-(

In a moment of rash madness, I've decided to stop using the bus every day and to start cycling to work from the beginning of July - next Monday!

I recently filled in one of those on-line carbon footprint calculators ... I (and the family collectively) came out of the exercise comparatively well; but two main areas were highlighted for improvement and I can see no good reason NOT to progress them:

HOME - our flat is heated by gas, but we need to switch to a green energy supplier and fit a new (condensing) boiler ... I'll switch to a green energy supplier this Sunday when I have a bit of time; and we'll upgrade the boiler as soon as financially viable.

TRAVEL - using the bus is obviously okay, but I need to walk/cycle more for my main daily journey if I'm to make any significant, further impact. So, from Monday I'm giving it a serious go!

So; watch this space for periodic reports of life as a commuting-cyclist in Edinburgh ...


Anonymous said...

Get yourself a Spokes cycle map and use it to find the quiet routes around town. There are plenty of quiet routes if you look for them, and they make cycling far more pleasant than if you go on main roads.

Andrew said...


Thanks - I've got one already! I live near Harrison Park, so am planning to use the canal; meadows, George IV Bridge as the daily route to the City Chambers - mostly NCN 75 I think?